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Hello & Welcome!

Thank you for visiting! I am originally from Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk however I am currently living on the beautiful Isle of Wight, sharing the beauty of yoga and also working as a Paramedic in Primary Care.

After a living and studying in London and Hertfordshire I had the opportunity to change the pace of life and move to the Isle of Wight with my partner. I never knew I could love somewhere so much! This island certainly has my heart. 

I qualified with Sun Power Yoga Teacher Training in London and went on to train in children's yoga (ages 3-11) with Yoga Bananas and more recently Mandala and Yin yoga with Julie Montagu. I now teach group and 1-1 classes on this beautiful island. During the summer you will find me teaching on the beach as well as in the studio. 

I am currently studying for a Masters in Advanced Clinical Practice at Bournemouth University. I have a keen interest in lifestyle medicine, plant-based nutrition and the benefits of yoga for health and wellness. You will often find me with a smoothie bowl in hand! 

My mission is to make your yoga experience as accessible and comfortable as possible. Yoga is for everyone and I would like to help you discover all of the amazing benefits from this practice. 

I have lots of exciting things coming up for 2020/2021- keep an eye on the links below as well as my social media for more information on events and retreats. Hope to see you on the mat! 

Dreamy dragon fruit & açai bowls at _roo

Classes & Events

Click here for weekly classes, timetables as well as exciting events and workshops



Explore the beautiful beaches of Morocco or closer to home on the gorgeous Isle of Wight. There is something for everyone!



Find your flow in the comfort of your own home, weekly classes via zoom

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